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  • Visualization of SPA-hotel in Crete

    Last autumn we were very lucky to do a 3D visualization for the concept of spa-hotel in sunny Crete while it was already rainy and dank in Moscow. We were entrusted with this project by international company “MIRUM”.
    Although we didn’t get a chance to fly to Crete, we discovered its territory using Google Earth.

    The client repeatedly insisted on a very reliable image of this part of Crete: bright sun, minimal wind blows, whitened rocks with grey-pink shades, olive trees, pink and white wisteria, deep blue sky and bright turquoise water. According to the idea, the territory should turn into a huge recreation complex with cascades of pools, glass structures and good modern architecture.

    Interestingly, despite the craving for the sun, people often prefer to enjoy it from the shade (which is really much more comfortable and safer), and many renders are arranged so that the viewer is under the awning.
    Details on the Behance :  https://www.behance.net/gallery/66440223/Visualization-of-SPA-hotel-in-Crete
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